Namu is an ORB FORCER and member of the BOARD OF OFFICERS.

Basic Info

Age 32
Height 170 cm
Occupation Warrior

Other Info
Affiliations Orb Forces
Nickname(s) N/A


Namu is a close friend of Cyrus. He is an ORB FORCER since he was very very young.

During the 2nd arc, he trained Freud to unlock his being as the Divine one. During the 3rd arc, Namu regularly travels overseas and patrols the world to protect them from the DARK FORCES , joining Asumo on his trips.


Namu is a normal type of a person. He normally reacts and he only exaggerates at times.


Namu has an average height and body and a bit of long hair.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Wisdom sword

Other Armament: Lightsaber

Namu's powers comes from the element of lightning.