LEADSZ are the abbreviation of the surnames of the most terror professors in Mapua Mathematics Department.


  • Ma'am Lazarro
  • Ma'am Exconde
  • Sir. Jerome Dela Cruz
  • Sir. Almenor
  • Ma'am Zapantha
  • Ma'am Sabino


  • sometimes they becomes surepass depending on their mood but most of the times they are not surepass
  • Sir Almenor is the most trashtalkative professor and he always says that his students should take his subject the next term again.
  • Ma'am Sabino is the chairman of the Mapua Mathematics Department and she is very strict.
  • Sir Almenor specializes in MATH13, but once you pass it he will never become your professor in any Math subject any more becaue he only teaches MATH13 and lower math.
  • Ma'am Exconde is the most effective professor in terms of teaching math subjects, she can teach and explain well any of the MATH courses.
  • Ma'am Lazarro specializes on Calculus courses
  • Sir Dela Cruz seems to be approachable except for Mechanical Engineering students