Jeremy Topacio is a member of the DARK FORCES during the 3rd arc.

Jeremy Topacio
Basic Info

Age 19
Height 177 cm
Occupation Warrior

Other Info
Affiliations Dark Forces
Nickname(s) Arch Knight


Jeremy was recruited by the DARK FORCES when the ELITE TRIO is struggling for some time. He is trained to be a sniper but he is good at close combat fights. Jeremy tried to court Donna but failed because during that time, Donna still did not moved on from her previous relationship.


Jeremy loves music and band.


Jeremy has decent looks and is a bit tall with good body build.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Terror Sword

Other Armaments: Lightsaber, Terror Buster, Terror Bazooka

Jeremy's powers came from the element of ice and darkness. His special attack is TERROR FROST SLASH. He also have his long ranged weapons and when he combines his Terror Bazooka and Terror Buster, he forms his TERROR MEGA LAUNCHER.