The 12th episode of the FG SERIES anime arc 1.


Jaime, Peter and Gerrison uses some of their force powers along with their lightsabers and helps defend the Mindanao ORB FORCES HQ branch. Yugi was rushed by the medical team to the medical room to give him some first aid and to ease the pain of his wound that he took from a slash.

Freud and Protzel fought each other, slashing at each other, then Protzel launched a powerful dark energy beam, Freud sidestepped and he raised his sword in defense but suddenly he was shocked that the SACRED FLAME SWORD turned into RIFLE MODE and he fired it, launching 4 shots, hitting Protzel once. Then Freud rushed towards Protzel and used his FLAME RASENGGAN but Protzel was able to cover with a shadow aura, shocked from what he saw, Freud was stunned and soon he was hit by slashes, but he fought back, slashing as well and launching a flame slash.

Soon, Protzel and the last of the demons decided to retreat but he told them that it is not over yet, for now they may enjoy but later he will strike again.